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SHADE Trust is an organization that runs a blood donation program aimed at providing fresh and screened blood to individuals in cases of emergencies. The program works in collaboration with other donor societies to ensure that a sufficient supply of blood is available for those in need.

The SHADE Trust blood donation program conducts blood camps in Sialkot to collect blood from volunteers who are willing to donate. The collected blood is screened for any infections or diseases to ensure that only safe blood is used for transfusions.

In addition to collecting blood, SHADE Trust also provides assistance to individuals and families who require blood for medical emergencies. This assistance includes connecting them with donors, providing transportation to blood banks, and covering the cost of blood transfusions for those who cannot afford it.

Overall, SHADE Trust’s blood donation program is focused on providing safe, fresh, and readily available blood to those who need it the most. Through collaboration with other organizations and the use of blood camps to collect donations, SHADE Trust is making a positive impact in the community by saving lives and providing critical support to individuals and families in times of need.

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